Branding is niet genoeg om een aantrekkelijke stad te zijn

Britain’s regional cities are more successful at marketing themselves than several other European towns that may have more to offer in terms of assets ranging from tourist attractions to ease of access, according to a study published today by a branding consultancy. Edinburgh, Glasgow and Liverpool were seen as among the top 30 of Europe’s 72 largest cities as places to visit and do business. Yet they were weaker in terms of their assets and attractions than rivals perceived as less glamorous, such as Sofia and Hamburg.

Saffron Brand Consultants warned that while many of the British cities had created strong brands internationally, other European cities that were underselling their attractions could quickly catch up once they started to promote their strengths.

Conversely, British cities such as Manchester, Bristol and Newcastle, which had marketed their revival aggressively, were in danger of overplaying their attractions.

“A number of Britain’s regional cities have talked a lot of their efforts to regenerate in the last decade,” said Jeremy Hildreth, head of place branding. “However, achieving a better brand requires more than building a new shopping mall, which is the approach some cities seem to have taken.”

What makes a place truly great?

* Pride and personality * Distinctive environment – landmark buildings, facilities, public transport * Ambitious vision, with good leadership and buoyant economy * Worth going out of the way to see * Easy access and good public transport * Conversational value – it is fun to talk about Edinburgh but not Bradford * Location – it is somewhere special or a centre for an interesting area European cities rated by rated by brand assets

Bron: Financial Times, Saffron Brand Consultants

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